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Stepping Stones To Diamonds: Promise And Forever Rings And How They Step Up To Engagement Rings

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Promise rings and “forever” rings are two types of rings you can give someone you want to marry, or want to spend the rest of your life with, but cannot currently afford a wedding right now. Both of these types of symbolic rings have become very popular with couples who know that they will probably wed, but have other things happening in their lives that they want to need to do right now. If you would like to know how promise and forever rings can step up to diamond engagement rings, here is how. Forever Rings Forever rings are for couples who have been together at least two years or more. They believe they want to be together forever, thus these rings are a pledge of their love and devotion to each other. Unlike promise rings, which are the next step up, forever rings are more about the emotion and devotion parts of your relationship. A forever ring can be: Basic but ornate (a little scrollwork or engraving for decorative purposes is typical of these rings) Very small stones or no precious or semi-precious stones at all (diamond chips or diamond dust is acceptable) Gold, silver or platinum bands with nothing else on them (similar to basic wedding bands) When you go into a jewelry store, if the jeweler does not know what a forever ring is, ask to see some very basic wedding bands, these will work too. Promise Rings When you and your sweetheart are ready to take the next step up, you can trade in your forever rings for promise rings. Some people keep the forever rings and just buy promise rings, while others literally trade in the forever rings to get a discount on the promise rings. The promise rings symbolically promise your loved one that you will wait with enthusiasm for the day when your promise rings become your engagement rings, and that you promise to be faithful to each other and patient in love until your engagement day arrives. Promise rings are a little fancier than forever rings and often contain: Pure gold or platinum bands Fancy gold work or intricate designs Larger semi-precious stones or very small diamonds When you two are finally ready for the full commitment level of marital engagement, you can trade in your promise rings for an engagement ring, at a location like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers. Again, some people just keep the rings they have and buy another ring with which to propose, but that is entirely up to you and your future...

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5 Issues That Mean Your Rolex May Need A Repair

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A Rolex watch is a classic timepiece. It has an incredible amount of technology and engineering behind it, in addition to looking great. Of course, a Rolex is an investment that you want to last as long as possible, and therefore you need to know when certain signs appear that indicate a need for a repair instead of just waiting them out in hopes of things getting better. Here are 5 issues to look out for: Foggy Face If you take your Rolex for a quick swim or even wash dishes with it, you shouldn’t have problems normally. However, sometimes, micro openings in the watch face or backing can allow moisture to seep in if your watch is submerged for too long. A telltale sign of this issue is the fogging of your watch’s face. Most likely, it won’t simply go away, and you should seek repair if your watch is fogging. Incorrect Time Naturally, a watch that isn’t keeping the correct time is a problem. However, it might not always be as simple as replacing the battery. Sometimes, other issues can affect the timing and accuracy of your Rolex. If your watch has repeatedly been displaying the wrong time, you should get it inspected just in case. Dented Case Of course you want your Rolex to look as great as possible.  A dent is a sure way to affect the appearance in a negative way. However, even if the aesthetic issue doesn’t bother you, a dent could push the metal backing into the gears and other mechanical elements of the watch. If this happens, more serious (and more costly) problems could arise. Loose Strap Connection Modern straps are engineered to allow the watch face to swivel comfortably as it adjusts to the movements of your wrist. However, every once in a while, the strap’s connection and pins can come loose or dislodged. Not only can this result in discomfort, but you risk the watch coming completely undone and falling which could cause significant damage. Discoloration A change in your watch’s color should ring alarm bells. It could mean that the location you keep your watch is overly contaminated with certain oxidizing elements that affect the metal. Even stainless steel can be susceptible to this. A Rolex watch is more than a tool to tell the time. It has a classic allure that is stylish and dashing in almost every occasion. To ensure your watch continues to look and operate brilliantly, be sure to get it inspected regularly. This is especially important if any of the 5 signs above are apparent. To learn more about Rolex repair, contact a company like Hayes...

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Bling ‘Em & Cuff ‘Em: Today’s Trendy Jewelry Makes It Fun To Shop For Fashion-Forward Friends

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There’s something all non-fashion types should know: shopping for your fashion-sensitive friends is now fun. Simply remember these two rules: Jewelry is a perfect gift for loved ones. If it’s hot in Milan or Paris, they will want it. With that in mind, here are some of the hottest European looks making it to the U.S. shops: Outrageously elegant earrings are way in. Forget sedate little studs or skinny hoops when shopping for a friend who loves earrings. “The bigger the better” is the current earring mantra among fashion designers. That simple stud is now gussied up and supports glittery painted medallions the size of silver dollars. Choices are varied and stunning. A pair of silver drop earrings ends, after a long journey, in 2 large faux pearls or sterling silver tears, with or without a necklace to match. Dangling shapes, from the avant garde to the more nature-inspired, nearly graze the shoulders in artistic earrings designed for parties and special events. Chandelier earrings are all the rage among British royals and Hollywood starlets. As the name suggests, these earrings resemble ornate crystal lighting fixtures with their many strands of cut gems. These shiny baubles are fun to shop for and a delight to receive. Sterling silver is back. Jewelry styles from the 70s are making a comeback in the form of sterling silver rings, bracelets, pendants, and chokers. Today’s silver pieces aren’t necessarily designed with Billy Jack and denim in mind, though. These simple but timeless pieces make a statement in the office that your loved one doesn’t cowboy around. Chunky sterling silver jewelry draws the eye in without being overwhelming and is the perfect compliment to simpler wardrobe choices. Silver is affordable, yet still lets you give that special someone a piece of jewelry made of precious metal. For the fashion forward, cuff ’em on the lip or ear. Lip cuffs in all sorts of styles are coming into vogue. Today’s lip adornments let you have the pierced look without the actual piercing. Styles range from solid gold with inlaid diamonds to simpler silver hoops that look just like the real deal. Ear cuffs are still popular, so choose a design that will commemorate a special occasion like a holiday or birthday to make a fashion-conscious pal feel like you really care. Whether you’re buying jewelry for a traditional sort or a creative type, there are so many fun and exciting options in trendy fashion jewelry, you’ll find that you enjoying yourself as you find just the right surprises for the fashion-forward people on your gift...

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Beginners Grading Guide: Five Most Common Coin Grades To Help Beginning Collectors

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Collecting coins can be a very rewarding hobby. You can buy all sorts of coins for your collection and even find interesting coins in your spare change. The condition of coins can also vary, affecting their value. So, you will want to know the basics of coin grading when you start collection. Here are some tips to help you get started grading your coins and growing your collection: 1. Uncirculated Coins That Are In Perfect Condition Uncirculated coins are the ones that are in the best condition. These coins have often been stored at mints, banks or deposit boxes and have no wear on them. These can be coins that have been saved because of their uniqueness. It can also be coins that are sold especially by mints to collectors. 2. Proof Coins In Uncirculated Condition With Valuable Errors Proof coins are another type of uncirculated coins. These are coins that have been minted as proofs to test dies. These can be very valuable because they can sometimes have errors that were corrected before the final production process. You can sometimes even purchase these coins from mints with certificates or from specialized coin dealers. 3. Coins In Almost Uncirculated Condition With Little Or No Wear With circulated coins, the best condition will be almost uncirculated good condition coins. These are coins that someone may have saved and have very little visible wear on them. Depending on the coin, these coins can be very valuable because they are often very rare if they are older mints. 4. Fine Condition Coins That Still Have The Shine And Details Fine condition is the most common of coins that are in good condition. These coins may have been circulated but have very little wear on them. They will also have all the details of the design on them and a little shine to them. They can also be very valuable if they are older rare coins, with very few that are in good condition. 5. Coins In Good Condition With Just A Little Bit Of Wear From Circulation There are also coins that may be in good condition with a little wear from circulation. These will be some of the most common coins that you may come across as a collector. They may have some of the details worn off the design and a little patina from the wear of circulation. These are some tips to help you start collecting coins and know how to grade their condition. If you are ready to start adding interesting coins to your collection, contact a coin dealer and ask them about classic head half cent coins, which can be affordable and an interesting addition to any coin collection. To learn more, contact a company like Penny Pincher Coins &...

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Fine Jewelry Designs For Fall And Winter 2015

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Fine jewelry designs for fall and winter 2015 are all about mixing and layering. New jewelry is being paired with classic pieces from the past, and minimalist pieces are being layered with very ornate pieces. Individuality and personalization are key aspects of wearing the new jewelry styles. If you are interested in wearing the very latest jewelry designs for Fall and Winter 2015, here are some of the new looks and how to wear them: Bold Chokers – Large bold chokers made of gold, sterling, platinum, and brass are now in style. Chokers are also being made of glass, leather and gemstones. One attractive look is a tooled leather choker with delicate chain fringe hanging around the entire base. All of the current choker designs are worn slightly looser than in previous years; they sit loosely on top of the collarbone. Longer Necklaces – Necklaces made of delicate or chunky chains are longer and hang below the breastbone. They often incorporate interesting beads in staggered stations along the entire length of the necklace. They can be worn as a single loop or doubled or tripled for a multi-chain look. Chains can also be worn in a classic “Y” configuration with a single dangling tassel.  Layered Necklaces – Different necklaces are being layered together for a completely personalized look. There are no rules to be followed when mixing the layers. Different metals, colors, and textures are being worn together and some are even being worn with a choker. This layered look allows you to make a unique, individual statement of your own personal style.  Breastplate Necklaces – Bold breastplate necklaces that sit on the upper chest just underneath the collarbone are very popular. These designs are being made in precious metals and are often combined with large, colorful cabochon gemstones.   Ear Climbers – Ear climbers that follow the outer ear edge from a post on the earlobe are a new look. The climbers are made of gold, silver or platinum, and come with or without gemstones. The most important aspect of these climbers is that they perfectly follow the outside edge of the ear. This can be a dramatic look with long hair.  Double-Sided Earrings – The new double-sided earrings have two different jewelry components, such as a carved metal ball and a crystal, on either side of an earring post.  These earrings can be worn front to back, back to front, or one of each. Another double-sided earring look is to have one component on a post that sits on the earlobe and a second component that hangs down behind the ear and dangles underneath the earlobe.  Single Statement Earrings – A bold and flamboyant single earring dangles from the earlobe to the shoulder in this new look. Wearing a single earring has been seen in the past few seasons, but the new single earring designs are bigger and bolder.  Rings – A wrapped and coiled ring is another new style. Rings can be worn alone or on multiple fingers on the same hand. Mixing metals, gemstones, and different styles is definitely the new way to wear multiple rings. The wrapped and coiled ring allows you to get the layered look with one piece of jewelry.  Bracelets – Bracelets are big and bold and are being made in...

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Two Overlooked Benefits Of Personal Loans

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Speak with any personal finance expert and they will probably stress to you the importance of saving for a rainy day. In this sometimes unstable economy, saving isn’t always an option and as a result, some people are turning to personal loans. Incorrect information and myths have some people believing that personal loans are bad, but this isn’t true. If you find yourself in a financial hardship, a personal loan won’t just meet your needs, but it can also offer a host of other benefits.    Avoid Credit Card Debt When some people are in a financial crisis, they look to their credit cards as a solution. However, if you consider some of the top scenarios that can devastate a credit score, excessive credit card debt is undoubtedly included on this list. Even if you are making your credit card payments on time, if you carry a large balance on your cards, your credit score will start to go on the decline. A personal loan helps you avoid this type of scenario. Contrary to popular belief, not all personal loans are reported to the credit bureaus and included on your credit report. Typically, only large lending institutions, such as major banks, report personal loans to the bureaus. Instead of charging up your credit card to meet your financial need, you can secure a personal loan from a smaller lending service and not worry about your credit score being affected. Easy Approval When you are in a financial emergency, you need the money right away. Asking family members to send you money can be like pulling teeth and take more time than you have available. Also, even if you aren’t concerned about credit card debt, applying for a new card and waiting for it to arrive in the mail is a lengthy process. Many personal loans come with easy approval. This is especially the case if you are getting a secured or collateral loan. Secured or collateral based loans are basically lending options that you borrow against based on the value of an asset, such as jewelry or a vehicle title. Since the loan is based on the value of the item and not your credit rating, income or some other factor, many lenders are more apt to approve your loan faster. If you are in need of extra money, don’t overlook the benefits that a personal loan can afford you and your family in your time of need. To learn more, visit a website like...

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