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Excellent Gift Ideas For Cancer Survivors

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You will be hard pressed to find any adult whose life has not been affected by cancer, either from personal experience or via a friend or family member. Nearly 40 percent of men and women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. The good news is that the number of people surviving cancer is increasing. When you have a loved one who is fortunate enough to beat the odds and overcome a bout with cancer, you can help them celebrate this milestone with inspirational, practical and charitable gifts. Inspirational or Humorous T-Shirts A great way for a cancer survivor to celebrate their recovery and let the world know that they survived a potentially fatal condition is with a t-shirt that has an inspirational or humorous slogan printed on the front. You can find these types of t-shirts via online retailers that specialize in unique casual apparel. Some retailers will customize t-shirts with slogans that you submit with your order. Look for t-shirts that are made out of comfortable, breathable and easy-to-care for materials such as cotton and rayon. Jewelry Jewelry that you can accessorize with charms provides another way for loved ones to commemorate their journey to becoming cancer free. You can purchase earrings, necklaces and bracelets that enable you to add charms shaped like cancer-awareness ribbons and inspirational religious symbols. You can also purchase pre-designed jewelry with cancer awareness charms and colored crystals. For example, bracelets with pink and white crystals are a stylish way to celebrate recovery from breast cancer. Gift Baskets A present that you can provide to those who are still on the journey to recovering and their caregivers is a gift basket. Gifts baskets are ideal for all age groups. You can purchase baskets that are tailored for children, women and men. Kid’s gift baskets usually contain stuffed animals, fun activity books, nutritious treats and inspirational books. Gift baskets for adults may contain useful items like herbal teas and unscented all-natural lotions to to help offset the side effects of chemotherapy. Donations In addition to providing a gift to your loved one, you can celebrate their victory over cancer by making a donation to a local cancer awareness organization. If you are more interested in helping to eradicate cancer, make your donation to a cancer research institute. If you live near a large research university, chances are they will have a cancer institute or some type of organization dedicated to finding ways to combat different types of...

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Looking For A Quick Loan To Make Payroll Or Buy Inventory? Pawn Shops Can Help Small Business Owners Thrive

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Most people think of pawn shops as an alternative source of loans for individuals who are having a temporary problem paying the rent or affording an unexpected expense, like sudden car repairs. However, some pawn shops are starting to work with another type of borrower: the small business owner. If you’re a small business owner and you’re short on cash, consider this information about collateral-based loans. A collateral-based loan allows you to avoid negative credit issues. Collateral-based loans have the obvious advantage of not being dependent on your credit score, which is great if you have problem credit. They’re also great even if you have decent credit—you can keep your credit score from being damaged due to a short-term need for quick cash. By working with a lender who will base your loan off your available collateral, you can forgo the step of the normal loan process that pulls your credit report. Every time your credit report is pulled by a lender, your credit score can suffer.  The collateral-based loan also doesn’t go onto your credit report. On your credit report, your credit-to-debt ratio will remain the same and the history of the loan won’t appear. Even though you intend to pay off the loan within a month or two, the appearance of a small loan during a problem time could lead traditional lenders to worry about your company’s overall stability. That could be a problem if you intend to seek a standard bank loan in the near future for the business. You may be able to use a variety of business and non-business assets as collateral. If your collateral is a mix of personal items and business assets, it may be easiest to work with a non-traditional lender like a pawn shop. Banks may not allow you to put personal collateral up for a business loan. They aren’t equipped to write up a lien against your personal jewelry, for example, and then store it for safe-keeping.  There are a number of possibilities for collateral, depending on the preferences of the pawn shop you choose: jewelry, particularly gold or in-demand designer jewelry, both of which tend to hold their value musical instruments, including speakers and synthesizers high-quality tools, like Swiss-type lathes and power drills personal coin collections business inventory, if you run a small business that carries a lot of inventory livestock office equipment firearms heavy construction equipment, like cranes or tractors It’s important to note that not every pawn shop accepts every form of collateral, so you may want to inquire early about the possibilities of using something as collateral for a business loan. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. You may be the first client that’s ever approached the pawn shop asking to use livestock as collateral. If you can explain how the pawn shop could easily turn the collateral into cash (should you default on the loan), you might have a chance of convincing the pawn shop to make the deal. Contact a company like Elite Jewelry and Loan for more...

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Get The Right Piece Of Jewelry For Your Partner

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If you are looking for the right gift for your special someone, then you want to make sure you get them something they can cherish for a long time and that has a personal touch to it. Putting some extra thought into the gift you give them will help to make that gift even more special—so consider investing in a custom piece of jewelry. Read the information below to become more familiar with some of the different types of custom jewelry that can make a great gift. Engraved rings If your partner likes to wear rings, then you can get them a ring that’s engraved either on the inside or outside of the band. You can have a special message added to the ring, so your partner will think if you whenever they see it. Birthstone jewelry If you are looking for a gift that will hold a special place in their heart by reminding them of special moments, then you can get them a piece of jewelry that has birthstones commemorating special dates. Birthstones don’t just have to stand for birth months—they can also be used to remind them of special anniversaries as well. For example, peridot is the birthstone for those born in August. If the two of you met in August, then you can get them jewelry with peridot stones to make the piece commemorative of your meeting. Beaded jewelry Another great idea for a gift is to order a custom piece of beaded jewelry that is made up of natural stone beads that are their favorite stones. For example, you can get them a beaded necklace that’s made with natural tiger eye, jade, hematite and amethyst beads if these happen to be some of their favorites. This way, they can have a single piece of jewelry that allows them to show off all their favorites.   Charm bracelets You can get them a charm bracelet that you play a part in customizing. Each of the charms that is added to the bracelet can signify a special moment in your partner’s life or even in your relationship. For example, if the two of you met while ice skating, then you can add an ice skate charm. Or, if you went to Paris together, then you can add a charm of the Eiffel Tower. Now that you see how custom jewelry can make a good gift for your partner, you can get started on finding that right piece you know they will love. For more custom ideas, check out companies like the Jewelry Clinic or another store in your...

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3 Pieces Of Advice For Purchasing Antique Jewelry

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Purchasing antique or estate jewelry can be a fun hobby and you can find some real gems – no pun intended. However, there are certain things that you should be on the lookout for in order to find the best pieces of jewelry you possibly can while avoiding duds and costume jewelry. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn a few salient pieces of advice for purchasing antique and estate jewelry. Investigate the Seller Make sure to take the time to investigate the seller. If you notice that the seller is offering you the option to buy in bulk, or is offering multiple copies of the same piece, then chances are he or she is a fraud. Most pieces of antique jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces, although replicas can pop up here and there. If you are looking online, take the time to see what sort of pieces he or she has sold in the past. If they’re offering multiples of the same item, it is within your best interest to move along.   Pricing Antique and estate jewelry being what they are – which is to say, unique – means that often times, you’re going to be paying top dollar for them. Be wary of sellers that are offering pieces that seem far too good to be true. Make sure that you carefully examine the quality of the piece, including the metal and the stone, before purchasing it. The History of the Piece If your seller cannot give you some semblance of information on the piece that she is offering for sale, then this might also be a sign to take your business elsewhere. A good seller should be able to tell you, at the very least, where he or she purchased or came across the piece. Make sure that you’re asking the right follow up questions, too. If the seller claims to have purchased the piece at an estate sale, ask them when, where, and whose property from which the piece was purchased. Although forgetfulness can sometimes cloud the memory, they should be able to give you a small piece of information at least. Purchasing estate and antique jewelry can be a tricky proposition. It is always best to be on the lookout for sellers who wish to scam you or mass produced junk or costume jewelry that is masquerading as the genuine article. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some insight on how to lookout for sellers of ill repute and begin looking for the real thing. For estate jewelry, contact a seller such as Rhonda’s...

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Searching For Unseen Jewelry In Pawn Shops

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Not all jewelry pieces are put onto prominent displays. Due to the size and space limits of some pawn shops, there may be a few pieces of jewelry behind the desk or in strange places, especially if the jewelry isn’t made of precious metals or stones. As you browse through pawn shops across the US, keep a few jewelry hunting points in mind for discoveries that aren’t on front desk display. Clothing Bins And Open Boxes If the pawn shop is set up similar to a thrift shop or second-hand store, there may be a few boxes of belongings that you could sift through. Not all jewelry needs to go behind a case, and it’s not unlikely to find a few necklaces made of inexpensive stones such as fake diamond materials, jasper or geode cluster material.  A lot of the random jewelry pieces can be found in boxed, wholesale lots after a large donation or selloff. Pawn shops often sift through the materials carefully to get a proper inventory and display plan, but if the materials aren’t valuable enough–such as when donors or friends of the shop bring in items–they may sit in boxes just in case a buyer is looking for something that can be priced on the go. Pawn shops with open box browsing areas are easy enough to sift through, but smaller pawn shops will keep the goods in a back room storage or at a storage warehouse. Be sure to ask about goods in storage and set up a time to browse through the other items in a well-lit, monitored space. Pawn Shop Lot Sales Sometimes the packaged lots of multiple items are sold together. The pawn shop may not want to waste space by displaying random articles of clothing, jewelry, music and other items that aren’t likely to fetch a good price for the amount of space being taken up. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a quick look at the belongings. Pawn shop staff will likely open the lot and give a sample of a few items, and unless you’re desperately enthused about a specific item and willing to pay a great price, you’ll need to buy the entire lot. Lot sales are especially the case when items are far more valuable as a set. If you’re planning on getting cuff links, pins, broaches, fastening chains or other clothing-bound jewelry, the pawn shop might not want to lose the full set value by selling part of the set. Contact a pawn shop—like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins and other locations—to discuss any miscellaneous jewelry and accessories that might be hidden in boxes, pockets and...

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How To Create Professional Looking Jewelry

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If you are actually a licensed jewelry maker who owns your own business, you already know that success comes when you offer professional, one-of-a-kind pieces to your customers, jewelry that nobody else is going to make quite like you do. Pretty much anybody can string beads onto string and make a bracelet or necklace. However, to make something unique and gorgeous, you need a combination of talent, know-how, and the right materials that will have your customers coming back for more of your personally designed pieces of jewelry. Inspiration To Boost Your Talent – No matter how gifted you are in your talent of creating unique jewelry, there may be times when your mind needs new inspiration to create new designs. Have you ever been to the countryside around the famous Walden Pond? Once you’ve been there you can see how writers like Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden Pond and Life In The Woods. By the same token, work created by artists who live in beautiful areas like Santa Fe, New Mexico area or  Durango, Colorado receive inspiration from the very world around them. Think of taking your camera to take pictures in the countryside near your place of residence to see how you can incorporate nature’s work into your jewelry designs.  Experiment To Enhance Your Know-How – Remember when you started work as a jeweler and how you often had to try things more than once to get exactly the look you wanted? Perhaps it’s time for you to try different methods. Search books on antique jewelry, jewelry from other countries, and work from your contemporaries which might inspire you to try something new. For example, if you want to branch out to make special jewelry for brides and bridesmaids, research what royalty wore with their bridal gowns during the different eras of history. Exquisite Materials – Of course, using sterling silver and real gold as the base for your jewelry will increase its value. In addition, think about connecting with a bead importer who can supply you with special beads. Some to consider are: gold plated ones from China opal nuggets and agates from Mexico glass beads from Italy porcelain beads from England hand-painted beads from France beads made from exotic woods from Africa hand-painted beads from India Be sure that your customers know that you use exquisite beads that make your jewelry dramatic and beautiful.  In addition, it’s important to have a professional photographer do the work that will be included in your portfolio. To learn more, visit a website...

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Stepping Stones To Diamonds: Promise And Forever Rings And How They Step Up To Engagement Rings

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Promise rings and “forever” rings are two types of rings you can give someone you want to marry, or want to spend the rest of your life with, but cannot currently afford a wedding right now. Both of these types of symbolic rings have become very popular with couples who know that they will probably wed, but have other things happening in their lives that they want to need to do right now. If you would like to know how promise and forever rings can step up to diamond engagement rings, here is how. Forever Rings Forever rings are for couples who have been together at least two years or more. They believe they want to be together forever, thus these rings are a pledge of their love and devotion to each other. Unlike promise rings, which are the next step up, forever rings are more about the emotion and devotion parts of your relationship. A forever ring can be: Basic but ornate (a little scrollwork or engraving for decorative purposes is typical of these rings) Very small stones or no precious or semi-precious stones at all (diamond chips or diamond dust is acceptable) Gold, silver or platinum bands with nothing else on them (similar to basic wedding bands) When you go into a jewelry store, if the jeweler does not know what a forever ring is, ask to see some very basic wedding bands, these will work too. Promise Rings When you and your sweetheart are ready to take the next step up, you can trade in your forever rings for promise rings. Some people keep the forever rings and just buy promise rings, while others literally trade in the forever rings to get a discount on the promise rings. The promise rings symbolically promise your loved one that you will wait with enthusiasm for the day when your promise rings become your engagement rings, and that you promise to be faithful to each other and patient in love until your engagement day arrives. Promise rings are a little fancier than forever rings and often contain: Pure gold or platinum bands Fancy gold work or intricate designs Larger semi-precious stones or very small diamonds When you two are finally ready for the full commitment level of marital engagement, you can trade in your promise rings for an engagement ring, at a location like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers. Again, some people just keep the rings they have and buy another ring with which to propose, but that is entirely up to you and your future...

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5 Issues That Mean Your Rolex May Need A Repair

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A Rolex watch is a classic timepiece. It has an incredible amount of technology and engineering behind it, in addition to looking great. Of course, a Rolex is an investment that you want to last as long as possible, and therefore you need to know when certain signs appear that indicate a need for a repair instead of just waiting them out in hopes of things getting better. Here are 5 issues to look out for: Foggy Face If you take your Rolex for a quick swim or even wash dishes with it, you shouldn’t have problems normally. However, sometimes, micro openings in the watch face or backing can allow moisture to seep in if your watch is submerged for too long. A telltale sign of this issue is the fogging of your watch’s face. Most likely, it won’t simply go away, and you should seek repair if your watch is fogging. Incorrect Time Naturally, a watch that isn’t keeping the correct time is a problem. However, it might not always be as simple as replacing the battery. Sometimes, other issues can affect the timing and accuracy of your Rolex. If your watch has repeatedly been displaying the wrong time, you should get it inspected just in case. Dented Case Of course you want your Rolex to look as great as possible.  A dent is a sure way to affect the appearance in a negative way. However, even if the aesthetic issue doesn’t bother you, a dent could push the metal backing into the gears and other mechanical elements of the watch. If this happens, more serious (and more costly) problems could arise. Loose Strap Connection Modern straps are engineered to allow the watch face to swivel comfortably as it adjusts to the movements of your wrist. However, every once in a while, the strap’s connection and pins can come loose or dislodged. Not only can this result in discomfort, but you risk the watch coming completely undone and falling which could cause significant damage. Discoloration A change in your watch’s color should ring alarm bells. It could mean that the location you keep your watch is overly contaminated with certain oxidizing elements that affect the metal. Even stainless steel can be susceptible to this. A Rolex watch is more than a tool to tell the time. It has a classic allure that is stylish and dashing in almost every occasion. To ensure your watch continues to look and operate brilliantly, be sure to get it inspected regularly. This is especially important if any of the 5 signs above are apparent. To learn more about Rolex repair, contact a company like Hayes...

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Bling ‘Em & Cuff ‘Em: Today’s Trendy Jewelry Makes It Fun To Shop For Fashion-Forward Friends

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There’s something all non-fashion types should know: shopping for your fashion-sensitive friends is now fun. Simply remember these two rules: Jewelry is a perfect gift for loved ones. If it’s hot in Milan or Paris, they will want it. With that in mind, here are some of the hottest European looks making it to the U.S. shops: Outrageously elegant earrings are way in. Forget sedate little studs or skinny hoops when shopping for a friend who loves earrings. “The bigger the better” is the current earring mantra among fashion designers. That simple stud is now gussied up and supports glittery painted medallions the size of silver dollars. Choices are varied and stunning. A pair of silver drop earrings ends, after a long journey, in 2 large faux pearls or sterling silver tears, with or without a necklace to match. Dangling shapes, from the avant garde to the more nature-inspired, nearly graze the shoulders in artistic earrings designed for parties and special events. Chandelier earrings are all the rage among British royals and Hollywood starlets. As the name suggests, these earrings resemble ornate crystal lighting fixtures with their many strands of cut gems. These shiny baubles are fun to shop for and a delight to receive. Sterling silver is back. Jewelry styles from the 70s are making a comeback in the form of sterling silver rings, bracelets, pendants, and chokers. Today’s silver pieces aren’t necessarily designed with Billy Jack and denim in mind, though. These simple but timeless pieces make a statement in the office that your loved one doesn’t cowboy around. Chunky sterling silver jewelry draws the eye in without being overwhelming and is the perfect compliment to simpler wardrobe choices. Silver is affordable, yet still lets you give that special someone a piece of jewelry made of precious metal. For the fashion forward, cuff ’em on the lip or ear. Lip cuffs in all sorts of styles are coming into vogue. Today’s lip adornments let you have the pierced look without the actual piercing. Styles range from solid gold with inlaid diamonds to simpler silver hoops that look just like the real deal. Ear cuffs are still popular, so choose a design that will commemorate a special occasion like a holiday or birthday to make a fashion-conscious pal feel like you really care. Whether you’re buying jewelry for a traditional sort or a creative type, there are so many fun and exciting options in trendy fashion jewelry, you’ll find that you enjoying yourself as you find just the right surprises for the fashion-forward people on your gift...

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Beginners Grading Guide: Five Most Common Coin Grades To Help Beginning Collectors

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Collecting coins can be a very rewarding hobby. You can buy all sorts of coins for your collection and even find interesting coins in your spare change. The condition of coins can also vary, affecting their value. So, you will want to know the basics of coin grading when you start collection. Here are some tips to help you get started grading your coins and growing your collection: 1. Uncirculated Coins That Are In Perfect Condition Uncirculated coins are the ones that are in the best condition. These coins have often been stored at mints, banks or deposit boxes and have no wear on them. These can be coins that have been saved because of their uniqueness. It can also be coins that are sold especially by mints to collectors. 2. Proof Coins In Uncirculated Condition With Valuable Errors Proof coins are another type of uncirculated coins. These are coins that have been minted as proofs to test dies. These can be very valuable because they can sometimes have errors that were corrected before the final production process. You can sometimes even purchase these coins from mints with certificates or from specialized coin dealers. 3. Coins In Almost Uncirculated Condition With Little Or No Wear With circulated coins, the best condition will be almost uncirculated good condition coins. These are coins that someone may have saved and have very little visible wear on them. Depending on the coin, these coins can be very valuable because they are often very rare if they are older mints. 4. Fine Condition Coins That Still Have The Shine And Details Fine condition is the most common of coins that are in good condition. These coins may have been circulated but have very little wear on them. They will also have all the details of the design on them and a little shine to them. They can also be very valuable if they are older rare coins, with very few that are in good condition. 5. Coins In Good Condition With Just A Little Bit Of Wear From Circulation There are also coins that may be in good condition with a little wear from circulation. These will be some of the most common coins that you may come across as a collector. They may have some of the details worn off the design and a little patina from the wear of circulation. These are some tips to help you start collecting coins and know how to grade their condition. If you are ready to start adding interesting coins to your collection, contact a coin dealer and ask them about classic head half cent coins, which can be affordable and an interesting addition to any coin collection. To learn more, contact a company like Penny Pincher Coins &...

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