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I have very sensitive skin and can only wear certain kinds of jewelry. If I wear the wrong kind, my skin breaks out in a horrible rash that burns, itches and can become infected. I have researched and tried several different kinds of jewelry and have found many types that I can wear without any issues. If you share the same problem, this blog can help. You will find a list of things that you can wear without any problems and what you should always avoid. Hopefully, what you learn will help you avoid the troublesome trial and error that I have gone through.


Find Your Dad's Perfect Birthday Gift At A Pawn Shop

Trying to find the perfect birthday present for your dad can often be somewhat difficult. Many dads have a large assortment of things that they have accumulated over the years and finding the perfect gift to give them often requires a lot of creative thinking and searching. You may be surprised to learn that a pawn shop sells more than just jewelry and may have the perfect gift for your dad available right now. The guide below walks you through a few things you may not realize you can find for your dad at a pawn shop.

Power Tools

A pawn shop will often carry a large assortment of power tools. Look in your father's garage or tool shed and determine what tools are missing. You can then go to a pawn shop and purchase him the tool he needs to complete his collection. The tools that are available for purchase at the pawn shop will be tested before they are put up for sale, but there should be a return policy you can use if the tool does not work properly when your dad tries to use it.


Pawn shops often have many different types of electronics your father may enjoy receiving from you. Gaming systems, televisions, and even sound systems can be found at a pawn shop. If you choose to purchase your father a gaming system, be sure to take the time to look at the game selection the shop has available as well, so that you can get him a few games to play on it.

Sports Memorabilia

If your father is a sports fanatic, look for sports memorabilia at the pawn shop. When you purchase a piece of memorabilia, it should come with a certificate of authenticity to verify that it is a legitimate piece of memorabilia. The rarer the memorabilia is, the more it will likely cost to purchase.

Musical Instruments

Fathers who enjoy playing music may enjoy receiving a musical instrument as their birthday present. Pawn shops often have keyboards, guitars, and even drums available for purchase. If you are purchasing an electric guitar, take the time to find out if your father plays left or right handed to ensure you purchase a guitar that he will be able to play.

Finding your dad the perfect birthday gift when you are on a budget will be easy at a pawn shop. For more information, contact Sol's Jewelry and Pawn or a similar location.