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I have very sensitive skin and can only wear certain kinds of jewelry. If I wear the wrong kind, my skin breaks out in a horrible rash that burns, itches and can become infected. I have researched and tried several different kinds of jewelry and have found many types that I can wear without any issues. If you share the same problem, this blog can help. You will find a list of things that you can wear without any problems and what you should always avoid. Hopefully, what you learn will help you avoid the troublesome trial and error that I have gone through.

3 Popular Styles Of Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds are considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Many people invest in diamond jewelry as a way to enjoy the status and beauty these gemstones offer.

A diamond necklace can represent a significant investment in your jewelry collection.

It's important that you are familiar with the many styles of necklaces that feature diamonds so that you will be able to identify which style will best complement your lifestyle.

1. Solitaire Pendant

The solitaire pendant is a classic and timeless style of diamond necklace. These necklaces consist of a chain and a single diamond pendant in a simple setting.

With a solitaire pendant, the diamond itself is the showpiece. This means that you must select a quality stone if you want a diamond solitaire necklace to meet your standards.

Solitaire necklaces have remained popular throughout the years because of their extreme versatility. You can wear a diamond solitaire pendant with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or you can pair the pendant with a cocktail dress for a night on the town.

2. Heart Pendant

The diamond is a gemstone associated with love, which is why you will find diamonds in most engagement and wedding rings. Because of this amorous association, you will find many diamond necklaces that feature a heart-shaped pendant.

The heart itself can be modern or traditional in its design and can include a single diamond or be completely coated with pave set diamonds.

Diamond heart necklaces are the perfect accessory for women of all ages. The heart motif is sweet enough to pay homage to the innocence of a young girl, yet timeless enough to complement the beauty of the most mature woman.

3. Tennis Necklace

A diamond tennis necklace is certainly not something you would want to wear on the court. These necklaces get their name from their similarities to tennis bracelets. Both a tennis bracelet and a tennis necklace feature gemstones that adorn the entire length of the chain.

A diamond tennis necklace is considered the pinnacle of luxury and elegance. There is no denying the sparkle and "wow" factor of a diamond tennis necklace, but these unique jewelry items often come with a hefty price tag.

The longer you want your diamond tennis necklace, the more stones will be needed to complete the design. This means that longer diamond tennis necklaces will cost more than their shorter counterparts.

Visit a jewelry store for more ideas for your diamond necklace.